Mpowerd 串灯包装盒

发布日期:2020-02-12 12:51

The importance of custom retail packaging in regards to product hierarchy and brand messaging in regards to breakthrough products.
Portable lighting solutions are widely recognized and accepted by most consumers. Flashlights and headlamps are some of the most common personal lighting solutions we see in our day to day life. For the most part, these solutions do their job pretty well. But these personal lighting solutions require one-time use batteries. These batteries create problems in a number of ways. Batteries once were standard for consumer electronics, but that time has come and gone now that most electronics are rechargeable. With that shift, batteries are no longer the household commodity they once were. This shift has left a gap in the market that has demanded a rechargeable solution that can be used anywhere.
These pain points served as the basis of the company Mpowerd. Mpowerd saw the importance that lighting solutions serve for everyday people and those in energy scarce regions of the world. This lead to the creation of Mpowereds lighting solution line, LUCI. The goal of the LUCI is to be versatile and dependable, whether it is being used for camping or in places of the world without immediate access to power.
Custom packaging design criteria:
Create a custom luxury packaging solution for an innovative product.
A packaging solution that improved the brand's retail presentation
A design that could easily implement product differentiation across all SKUs packaging that creates a meaningfully retail interaction and unboxing experience through storytelling.

Design: Process AG
Project Type: Produced
Client: Mpowered
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
Packaging Contents: Personal Lighting Solutions
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper overboard
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