Eggscetra 蛋品创意包装

发布日期:2020-02-01 16:32
Eggscetra 蛋品创意包装8
Designing a new innovative egg packaging that makes the whole experience of taking eggs home easier. The compact size and form makes it fit to be used by both roadside vendors as well as supermarkets.
Eggscetra 蛋品创意包装6Eggscetra 蛋品缓冲结构Eggscetra 蛋品结构设计Eggscetra 蛋品创意包装7Eggscetra 蛋品创意包装3Eggscetra 蛋品创意包装2Eggscetra 蛋品创意包装1Eggscetra 蛋品创意包装
Designer: Marmik Patel
Project Type: Student Project
Packaging Content: Egg
Location: India
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