Gloss Lamination / 光膜

This is less of a varnish or coating and more of a thin film that is pressed on to the box surface. The gloss lamination provides a clear and shiny surface that optimizes bright colors.




Matte Lamination / 哑膜、雾膜

The matte also utilizes a thin film over the box surface, like the gloss lamination. The matte lamination gives a soft look while also reducing unsightly glares. The matte lamination is also commonly referred to as the True Crystal.



Gloss Varnish / 光油

A gloss varnish increases the saturation and depth of colors while improving image contrast. It provides good protection against rub-off but some finger printing will be apparent on dark or light colors.

Matte Varnish / 哑油、消光油

The matte varnish will provide the surface with a “flatted” and non-glossy finish. Many find this varnish to provide a sleek and tactile quality to the finish.





Aqueous / 水性光

The aqueous coating method is a clear and very quick drying water based coat that is used to help protect surfaces. This protective coating also help reduce fingerprints and dirt from sticking to the surface.



Spot UV / 局部光

Unlike the previous options, the spot UV specifically spot treats a part of the box with a UV coating, opposed to having the whole box UC treated.